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We meet complex security needs resulting from disruptive technologies such as big data, cloud, social and mobile. With our global experience and partnership with leading information security specialists we create security solutions for rapidly changing business environment.

Improve cost-effectiveness, flexibility and agility through next-gen information security & compliance programs

Antivirus & Encryption

Proper integration of antivirus and encryption software to prevent both security tools from working at crossed purposes.

Keep your computers safe from rootkits, viruses and Trojans, besides encoding data to protect it from being accessed directly.

Data Leak Prevention

Locate, classify and monitor information in use, in motion and at rest by leveraging data leak prevention solution.

Get a grip on what information you have and stop the numerous information leaks that may occur otherwise.

Mobile & Web Security

Reduce the risk of data loss due to inadequately protected devices, especially those operated by mobile devices.

We help you manage and enforce consistent policies and being more agile in recognizing and reacting to threats.

2 Factor Authentication

Protect users against remote attacks such as credential exploitation, phishing and other attempts to take over accounts.

Secure the login credentials of your users even as they enjoy remote access and use more web-based applications with 2 factor authentication

Proxy & Load Balancing

Conceal local area network addresses from external users to provide security, besides providing load balancing and failover across the cluster.

All applications in the domain are represented as a single address.

Email Gateway Security

Protection against malicious email attacks such as targeted phishing attacks, malware, and other email-based threats, e.g., spam, viruses, directory harvest, denial of service.

Unmatched email security for your organization, regardless of its size.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Historical analyses as well as real-time collection of security events from a broad range of contextual and event data sources for detection of threats and response to security incidents.

We offer a wide scope of event collection, correlation and analysis of events from disparate sources.

Next Gen-Firewall

While detecting and blocking malicious threats, you also get greater control over applications by combining deep packet inspection and application awareness.

Next-generation firewall addresses drawbacks in application awareness and traffic inspection of older versions.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Protect your network from known as well as unknown threats. Attacks that might otherwise capitalize on unpatched systems and network vulnerabilities are blocked by the intrusion prevention system.

Broad range of features to monitor and check malicious network activity.

  • Total Protection. 24X7 protection against security hazards.
  • Custom Security. Security solutions tailored to your needs and budget.
  • Achieve Compliance. Gain corporate and regulatory policy compliance.
  • Focus on Core: More free resources to support your core business.
  • Next generation firewall implementation at a leading pharmaceutical company which has 20000 users
  • Implemented network intrusion prevention system for 130000 users at a major software company
  • Endpoint protection and email gateway migration for 20000 users at a BPO
  • Implemented endpoint security for a leading financial organization with 20000 users
  • Provided endpoint security for over 5000 users at a leading BPO/ KPO
  • Implemented endpoint, NIPS and firewall for more than 5000 users at a top logistics company
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