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Networking Security Solutions

Increase productivity and witness growth in business revenue with our network and security services to ensure optimal network performance at all times. At Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, we provide passive and active network design, and support with 24x7 monitoring.

We, a premier provider of networking solutions in India, have long-standing relationships with all the major OEMs in information networking, including Juniper, Cisco, HP, Dell and Brocade. We start with an audit of your existing networking infrastructure, prepare reports and based on these reports; we define which OEM suits your requirement. Our customized approach makes us one of the most sought after network security providers.

Passive & Active Networking Solutions

Passive & Active Networking

Achieve a simplified, agile, and secure networking infrastructure. Our passive networking equipment range includes cables, ethernet cable, patch cords, face plates, etc. While the active networking equipment including switches, routers and firewall, among others.

Make your network responsive to changing business needs across devices, applications and locations.

Switching & Routing Business Operations

Switching & Routing

With vast experience in implementing large-scale network infrastructure projects for clients across multiple domains, we custom configure switches and routers to the specific project requirements.

Leverage the best core networking products available in the market to strengthen your network and business operations.

Wireless Networking Service Providers

Wireless Networking

Provide employees and guest workers with untethered access to voice, video, data and applications.

As a leading supplier of core to edge network design, installation and support solutions, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic can support with new installations, network upgrades and provide trusted IT advice. In addition, we offer custom designed and configured wireless equipment like Wi-Fi Controller, Wi-Fi Access Points, etc. as well.

Load Balancers in Networking Solutions

Load Balancers

Ensure scalability, high-performance, and security of application infrastructure, regardless of its location – on premises or in the cloud.

Experience critical load balancing capabilities combined with the highest levels of security and performance with our custom configured load balancers for WAN Links, Servers, etc.

  • Ready Information Availability. Ensures optimum availability of critical information and applications.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Data. You get secure and reliable data access, when and where needed.
  • Cost Savings. Tailor-made solutions save you on costs.
  • Reduced Support Costs. Backed by Hitachi’s strong expertise, our support services are effective and budget-friendly.
  • Optimized Network Performance. You get to experience network performance in sync with specific process requirements.
  • Helped a leading industrial pump manufacturer in streamlining the network environment.
  • We deployed campus wide networking for Kuwait based facility management company.
  • Created the architecture and deployed network for a leading logistics company.
  • We successfully undertook network deployment with VPN, Wi-Fi and CCTV for a Singapore based restaurant chain in India.

We leverage our alliances with industries’ leading OEM vendors to make our solutions more robust.

Juniper Networks
Aruba Networks
Alcatel Lucent
Tandberg Data
APW President
Array Networks
Ipswitch Whatsup Gold