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Cloud Migration and Data Warehousing Services

We, one of the leading cloud service providers in India, employ an OPEX model, so the cloud services don’t burden an organization with financial investment upfront.

Consulting Services Planning & Implementation

Consulting Services

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic offers the consulting services with proper planning & implementation. Our Services are based on understanding of Business & IT Vision and we design a complete framework in consultation with your organization. We offer Architecture Design, TCO, Process & Managed Services Portfolio as per requirements.

Data Migration Services

Migration Services

We ensure fast and efficient data migration with constant focus on best practices. Our cloud migration services enhance productivity by getting away from unexpected downtime and budget overruns and migration is carried out through different phases:

  • Cloud Assessment Phase
  • Proof of Concept Phase
  • Data Migration Phase
  • Application Migration Phase
  • Leverage the Cloud Phase
  • Optimization Phase

Data Warehousing & Analytics Services

Data Warehousing & Analytics

Our data warehousing service involves analyzing your business Data to define a Clear Data Strategy for your organization. The data then processed via Data Ware Housing, BI Tools to generate the cloud reports & analytics followed by auto scheduling to ensure updated data for your organization.

Managed IT Services Plans

Managed Services

Our cloud services in India involve managing services to ensure Cloud IT Infrastructure Deployments in cost effective manner with improved user experience. Our Managed Services Plan covers Monitoring, Cloud Management, Security & Audit, 24x7 Service Desk to manage the Cloud Infrastructure with aim to offer maximum value & ROI for your organization.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Dynamic scaling

Global access to your services

Secure & agile infrastructure

Minimum end user maintenance

Eliminate time consuming manual tasks

Needs Analysis
Capacity Planning & Service Mapping
Planning, Designing & Provisioning of Cloud service
Cloud Consulting Services
Technical Designing & Building VI & Cloud
Installation & Configuration
Documentation & Knowledge Transfer
  • 99.95% Uptime
  • Scalability : Start small and scale as business grows
  • Elasticity with metered service: Customized billing with an option to scale up / down as per business needs
  • Flexibility: Access infrastructure from anywhere, any location on any device
  • End-to-end: Single point of contact for all your IT requirements (network, servers, storage and manageability)