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Hitachi Group Identity

Hitachi Vision & Mission

Corporate Philosophy

Proud of its industry pioneering spirit and experience, Hitachi Systems contributes to a truly affluent society by developing and providing information technologies, products and services. Staying close to our customers, we create new value with respect for humanity and its infinite potential, leveraging detailed understanding of our customers to deliver satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Corporate Vision

We aim to be a global services company that customers can rely on completely by combining internationally competent people with state-of-the-art information technology to create unique services.

Standards of conduct

KeywordStandards of Conduct
Social contributionWe contribute to social development with superior services.
Respect for humanityWe believe in people’s potential and respect diverse values.
Customer's perspectiveWe think and act from the customer's perspective as a true partner.
ChallengeWe continue to take on challenges to create new value.
GlobalWe conduct work that is connected to the world.
UniqueWe produce unique services by combining different kinds of value.
SpeedyWe speedily respond to various changes and lead our customers.

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